La Fortuna Waterfall Costa Rica

Monday 11 Oct, 2021
One of the most iconic attractions in La Fortuna. The Waterfall is a must-do in town
History: La Fortuna River Waterfall was one of the first tourist attractions available in La Fortuna Town. The Preserve was acquired several years ago by the town and managed by the local Development Association (Adifort) and sometime later they built a trail and a road to make it accessible. The Preserve: The Fortuna River Waterfall is located into a preserve of approximately 210 acres, situated on the southwest side of La Fortuna, this biological reserve adjoins the Arenal Volcano National Park next to Chato Hill, integrating the protective zone of Arenal. The preserve has an average altitude of 520 meters above sea level, and it is almost entirely covered by exuberant rainforest type. The Park: The public area of the preserve accessible to the visitors is called popularly like the Waterfall, at the entrance, there is a big parking lot, a building where the tickets are sold, and the affluence is controlled by the park workers. After paying for your ticket, you will walk through a hanging bridge to get to the area where we find the restaurant and the bathrooms. In this area, you will have access to the lookout, which is a great place for a selfie with a panoramic view of the waterfall at your back. From here, there is a trail that comes straight to the waterfall base. This trail is a great access, quality built, with railings, thought about in safety and comfort, to help the clients with the steep way. The Project All the money that comes in for entrance fees is used by Adifort to improve and build local roads, schools, parks, public infrastructure, and social aid programs for the inhabitants of La Fortuna. Thus, every person who visits the waterfall is helping the town with many help and infrastructure programs. Nowadays, the road to the waterfall is well paved, and the facilities and trails into the preserve are well-kept and clean all the time. Another important fact is that this project gives employment to several people in town directly and so many others indirectly. The Waterfall This beautiful cascade suddenly breaks into a cliff and falls down for 70 meters to a small lagoon at the base of the river. Swimming near the waterfall is forbidden as it is dangerous to approach the waterfall as the water stream can take you. But we can swim around it to a safe distance and in the rest of the river to enjoy great fresh and pure water to boost your energy up. Once you walk through the 530 steps and make it to the waterfall, you will find a great and spacious viewpoint to catch your breath and take the best pictures. We recommend you to explore the river a bit, you will be amazed by the lush and green and maybe you can spot a bird or butterfly. Interesting Facts about La Fortuna Waterfall: Height: 70 meters Preserve Size: 210 acres Altitud: 520 meters above sea level Trail length: 530 steps