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We are a Costa Rican Tour Operator and Travel Agency located in the Arenal Volcano area. With over 20 years of experience and highly qualified staff to design the best vacation time for you

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Our History
Jose Luis, our CEO successfully worked in the tourism industry as a vacation designer and logistics for more than 10 years.
Jose continues designing vacations as an independent travel agent. He opens his company and gets associated in a tour operator business to continue developing his knowledge as a travel advisor..
Seven Tours is properly founded with its actual name and established in La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano, San Carlos, Costa Rica. Why Seven Tours? Because La Fortuna Town is district number seven of our county, San Carlos.
Large companies have set their sights on us, and we are totally committed to exceeding our clients' expectations. Our company is now consolidated in the market and is recognized in the environment as a serious, reliable and safe tour operator.
We were honored with the Tourism declaration by the Costa Rican Tourism Board, as a tourism company compromised with the standards of quality and service suggested by our Government.
Today we are a group of local experts who offer our clients experiences to remember our service forever at home!

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Our Leadership team

Jose Luis Rodriguez Jose Luis Rodriguez
Bryan Mora Villalobos Bryan Mora Villalobos
Sales and Operations
Keylor Anchía Sanchez Keylor Anchía Sanchez
Sales and Operations
Kenya Castellon Kenia Castellón
Sales and Operations

Why choose us for your next adventure

We offer to our visitors the highest standards in customer service

Lowest Price Guaranteed
Lowest Price Guaranteed
You are getting the best deal. We make sure of it. We aim to give you a complete shopping, enjoyment, and quality experience in our tourist services. We guarantee the lowest price on our tours. If you do find a lower price online, we will improve it, just contact our team and we will gladly help you.
Flexible Cancellation<
Flexible Cancellation
Cancellations made more than 48 hours before the service date, a 10% charge will be applied, corresponding to operating expenses. Cancellations made 48 hours or less before the service date are non-refundable and will be penalized 100% of the amount of the reservation.
Book now & Pay Later<
Book now & Pay Later
With our policy of Book Now and Pay Later you can book your tour through our website and our team will contact you to confirm your services, pick-up time, and coordinate payments to your preferred method and time.

Happy Customers :)

Your experience is everything to us. We want to do it right and give our customers a great experience in their tours and services. We aim to have only happy customers and leave unforgettable memories in each of them. Please allow us to drive our expertise and desire to serve you. We want you back!

Hiking Arenal
Hiking Arenal
The Majestic Volcano
The Majestic Volcano
Rio Celeste Experience
Rio Celeste Experience
Happy Customers
Happy Customers
Memorable experiences
Memorable experiences
Volcano Walk
Volcano Walk

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Protecting our environment
Protecting our environment

We are a company responsible for the environment and therefore we seek that all our employees, colleagues, and suppliers have a real commitment to the preservation of our natural resources.

Let’s not forget nature, let’s live with it and for it, because the day that comes when every attempt to preserve is irreversible, humanity and those who inhabit it will have been affected. Let’s start putting the seed of consciousness in all generations, we must all be involved, otherwise, failure will be among us.

Thanks to nature, Seven Tours makes sense, as our job is to show you the natural wonders, walk inside the forests, cruise the rivers, and sight the life within them and not affect it.

How do we recycle?
We reduce the contamination of our resources, like air and water.
- A drop of used oil contaminates 1000 liters of water.
- For every ton of paper that is recycle, 18 trees are saved.
- If we recycle we are given the planet time to reforest.
- Recovering two tons of plastic is the equivalent of saving one ton of oil.
- For each container that we recycled, the energy needed to keep a TV on for 3 hours is saved.
- Recycling reflects culture and social responsibility.

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